My name is John Zaika

John P Zaika
Born: September 5, 1964
Dearborn Michigan
Known For: Songwriter/ Music Producer/Mixing Engineer
Notable Work: Bobby Kimball We’re Not In Kansas Anymore, Bobby Kimball All I Ever Needed, Jeff Lorber in house 2nd engineer, Mickey Thomas EP (Love Can Save The Day)
Style: Rock. Pop

Biography: John P Zaika was born in Dearborn Michigan to Nicholas and Kathryn Zaika in 1964

Career: John Zaika’s early career was spent playing bass in many cover bands from the time he graduating High School 1983 till 1991 when he then became a 2nd engineer for renowned (Grammy Winning) producer Jeff Lorber in Los Angeles. Zaika resided at Lorber’s estate for the following 2 years 2nd engineering on every project that Lorber was producing at that time, it was during those 2 years that Zaika started honing in on his songwriting pitching songs to the likes of Bobby Kimball (Toto), Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. In 1994 Zaika signed a publishing deal with Centium. In Beverly Hills, Run at the time by ex-Dick James publishing executive Arthur Braun. 1996 Zaika was given his first opportunity to produce and write what would become Bobby Kimball‘s first all-original solo album “All I Ever Needed “Released by Point Music and later Frontiers Records. In 2017 John Zaika is found producing and writing a 2nd solo album for the ex-lead singer of Toto Bobby Kimball called “ We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”, 2018 finds him co- scoring a song in the movie “ Time Toys” directed by Mark titled “ Just Like Brother’s.1998 Zaika produced and wrote a 5 song EP for Starship frontman Mickey Thomas with notable songs “Love Can Save The Day” and “Next Time”. 2021 finds Zaika working on an original rock project “Tribal Reasons” and a studio project “ Tennington Park”, he also is working on a redo of his first production of the Bobby Kimball Record “All I Ever Needed” with co-production vocal assistance from critically acclaimed vocalist Bill Champlin ( Chicago). Zaika is also finishing a 3-year production of 20 songs for upcoming artist Rhett Beggs.

Works: Bobby Kimball We’re Not In Kansas Anymore Purple Pyramid Records/ Producer / Songwriter/ Keyboards, Bobby Kimball All I Ever Needed Point Music/ Songwriter / Producer, Time Toys Movie Just Like Brothers / Songwriter, Dave Koz Lucky man Capitol Records/ 2nd engineer, Jeff Lorber “Worth Waiting For” Verve Forecast 2nd engineer. Mickey Thomas “Love Can Save The Day” Frontier Records songwriter/ Producer.